Ohio Biography collects and displays unique images from Ohio's past and present. The broad focus of this project includes people, places, and events. Some of them will be famous or even infamous, but many of them will not. They all have something of value to offer.

By Occupation

Career Index for Ohio Biographies
(this index is not finished)

Athlete (including Coach) 
Health Care Figure or Physician
Military Figure
Native American Figure
Ohio Governors
Ohio Presidents
Political Figure
Visual Artist (film maker, painter, sculptor, photographer, etc.)

By Name

Alphabetical Index

Allen, William (Ohio governor)
Anderson, Charles (Ohio governor)
Anderson, Eliza Brown (First Lady of Ohio)
Anderson, Sherwood (author)
Armstrong, Neil (astronaut)

Bara, Theda (actor)
Bartley, Elizabeth Welles (First Lady of Ohio)
Bartley, Julia Larwell (First Lady of Ohio)
Bartley, Mordecai (Ohio governor)
Bartley, Thomas Welles (Ohio governor)
Battle, Kathleen (opera singer)
Bebb, Sarah Shuck (First Lady of Ohio)
Bebb, William (Ohio governor)
Bellows, George (painter)
Berry, Halle (actor, model)
Bickerdyke, Mary Ann (nurse)
Bierce, Ambrose (author)
Blue Jacket (Shawnee leader)
Bow Wow (musician)
Bromfield, Louis (author)
Brough, Caroline Nelson (First Lady of Ohio)
Brough, John (Ohio governor)
Brown, Ethan Allen (Ohio governor)
Brown, John (abolitionist)
Brown, Paul (football coach)
Bushnell, Asa S. (Ohio governor) 
Bushnell, Ellen Ludlow (First Lady of Ohio) 

Campbell, James E. (Ohio governor)
Campbell, M. Elizabeth Owens (First Lady of Ohio)
Carey, Drew (actor, comedian)
Chapman, Tracy (musician)
Chase, Catherine Jane (First Lady of Ohio)
Chase, Salmon Portland (Ohio governor)
Clark, Marguerite (actor)
Clem, John Lincoln (Civil War soldier)
Conway, Tim (actor, comedian)
Corwin, Sarah Ross (First Lady of Ohio)
Corwin, Thomas (Ohio governor)
Cox, Helen Finney (Ohio governor)
Cox, Jacob Dolson (Ohio governor)
Craig, Yvonne (dancer, actor)
Crane, Hart (poet)
Craven, Wes (author, film maker)
Crile, George Washington (physician)
Custer, George Armstrong (military figure)

Darrow, Clarence (attorney)
Davey, Bernice Chrisman (First Lady of Ohio)
Davey, Martin L. (Ohio governor)
Day, Doris (actor)
Dennsion, Anne Neil (First Lady of Ohio)
Dennsion, William Jr. (Ohio governor)
Diller, Phyllis (comedian)
Donaldson, Stephen (author)
Douglas, James "Buster" (athlete)
Dove, Rita (poet)
Dunbar, Paul Laurence (author, poet)

Edison, Thomas Alva (inventor)
Electra, Carmen (actor, model)
Everhart, Angie (actor, model)

Farr, Jamie (actor)
Farrell, Suzanne (ballet dancer)
Firestone, Harvey Samuel (industrialist)
Fisher, Sarah (race car driver)
Foraker, Joseph B. (Ohio governor)
Foraker, Julia Bundy (First Lady of Ohio)
Ford, Harriet Cook (First Lady of Ohio)
Ford, Seabury (Ohio governor)
Foster, Ann Olmsted (First Lady of Ohio)
Foster, Charles (Ohio governor)

Gable, Clark (actor)
Gage, Frances Dana (activist, writer)
Garfield, James Abram (U.S. President)
Gilbert, Cass (architect)
Gish, Dorothy (actor)
Gish, Lillian (actor)
Glenn, John (astronaut, US Senator)
Goodrich, Benjamin Franklin (industrialist, physician)
Grant, Ulysses Simpson (U.S. President)
Gray, Elisha (inventor)
Gray, Macy (musician)
Grey, Zane (author)
Griffin, Archie (football player)
Grohl, David (musician)
Grossman, Mary (lawyer, judge)

Hamilton, Virginia (author)
Harding, Warren G. (U.S. President)
Harrison, Benjamin (U.S. President)
Harrison, William Henry (U.S. President)
Hawkins, Jay "Screamin' Jay Hawkins" (musician)
Hayes, Rutherford B. (U.S. President)
Hayes, Wayne Woodrow "Woody" (football coach)
Herrick, Carolyn Parmely (First Lady of Ohio)
Herrick, Myron T. (Ohio governor)
Hoadly, George (Ohio governor)
Hoadly, Mary Perry (First Lady of Ohio)
Hollister, Nancy P. (Ohio governor)
Holmes, Katie (actor)
Hope, Bob (actor, comedian)
Huntington, Hannah Huntington (First Lady of Ohio)
Huntington, Samuel (Ohio governor)
Hynde, Christine Ellen (musician)


Janis, Elsie (actor)
Janney, Allison (actor)
Jarmusch, Jim (film maker)

Kanakaredes, Melina (actor)
Kettering, Charles (inventor)
Kirker, Sarah Smith (First Lady of Ohio)
Kirker, Thomas (Ohio governor)
Knight, Bobby (basketball coach)
Kozar, Heather (model)

Landis, Kenesaw Mountain (judge, baseball commissioner)
Leick, Hudson (actor)
Lin, Maya (architect, sculptor)
Looker, Othniel (Ohio governor)
Looker, Pamela Clark (First Lady of Ohio)
Lucas, Robert (Ohio Governor)
Lucas, Friendly Sumner (First Lady of Ohio) 

Martin, Dean (actor, comedian, singer)
McArthur, Duncan (Ohio governor)
McArthur, Nancy McDonald (First Lady of Ohio)
McGuffey, William (author, educator)
McKinley, Ida Saxton (First Lady, First Lady of Ohio)
McKinley, William (U.S. President, Ohio governor)
Manson, Marilyn (musician)
Medill, William (Ohio govervor)
Meigs, Return Jonathan (Ohio governor)
Meigs, Sophia Wright (First Lady of Ohio)
Morrow, Jeremiah (Ohio governor)
Morrow, Mary Parkhill (First Lady of Ohio)
Morrison, Toni (author)

Nash, George K. (Ohio governor)
Newman, Paul (actor)
Nicklaus, Jack (athlete)

Oakley, Annie (sharshooter, folk figure)
Oldfield, Barney (race car driver)
Parker, Sarah Jessica (actor)
Pattison, John (Ohio governor)
Pattison, Altheia (First Lady of Ohio)
Pekar, Harvey (writer)
Pilkey, Dav (author)
Power, Tyrone (actor)
The Prophet (Shawnee leader)


Resnick, Judith (astronaut)
Richter, Charles (scientist)
Rickenbacker, Eddie (military pilot)
Rickey, Branch (baseball manager)
Rogers, Roy (actor)

Seiberling, Frank (industrialist)
Shannon, Sarah Obsun (First Lady of Ohio)
Shannon, Wilson (Ohio governor)
Sheen, Martin (actor, activist)
Sherman, William Tecumseh (Civil War general)
Smith, Mamie (musician)
Spencer, Lily Martin (artist)
Spielberg, Steven (director)
Steinem, Gloria (activist, author, journalist)
Stowe, Harriet Beecher (author)
Sweet, Rachel (musician) 

Taft, Bob (Ohio governor)
Taft, Hope (First Lady of Ohio)
Taft, William Howard (U.S. President)
Tatum, Art (musician)
Tecumseh (Shawnee leader)
Thurber, James (author, cartoonist, humorist)
Tiffin, Edward (Ohio governor)
Tiffin, Mary Worthington (First Lady of Ohio)
Tod, David (Ohio governor)
Trimble, Allen (Ohio governor)
Trimble, Rachel Woodrow (First Lady of Ohio) 


Vance, Joseph (Ohio Governor)
Vance, Mary Lemon (First Lady of Ohio)

Walker, Moses Fleetwood (athlete)
White Clarence (photographer)
White, George (Ohio governor)
Williams, George Washington (first African American in Ohio Assembly, politician)
Winger, Debra (actor)
Wood, Mary Rice (First Lady of Ohio)
Wood, Reuben (Ohio governor)
Woodhull, Victoria(activist, politician)
Woods, Granville (inventor)
Worthington, Eleanor Swearingen (First Lady of Ohio)
Worthington, Thomas (Ohio governor)
Wright, Orville (inventor)
Wright, Wilbur (inventor)


Young, Denton (Cy) (baseball player)
Young, Sarah Agnes Riddle (First Lady of Ohio)
Young, Thomas Lowery (Ohio governor)