Myron T. Herrick

NAME: Myron T. Herrick

BORN: October 9, 1854


born...Huntington, Ohio (Lorain County)
eventually lived in Cleveland, Ohio (Cuyahoga County)


attended, Oberlin College
attended, Ohio Wesleyan University
studied law in Cleveland

GOVERNORSHIP: 42nd governor (one term)

DIED: March 31, 1929


Herrick was a lawyer by training. He passed the bar in 1878.

Working in Cleveland, Herrick became active in the business world, helping found the Cleveland Hardware Company, the National Carbon Company, and the Euclid Avenue National Bank. For a time, he served as director of the bank.

His career in banking culminated in his becoming president and board chairman for the Society for Savings.

Herrick served on the Cleveland City Council from 1885 to 1888. He was a delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1896.

Internal conflicts in the Republican party made for a difficult term as governor.

Later on in life, Herrick served as ambassador to France. During the First World War, with Germans advancing on Paris, the French government along with most diplomats relocated to the relative saftey of Bordeaux. Herrick chose to stay behind, a decision that won him much praise from both the American and French peoples.


NAME: Carolyn Parmely Herrick