Frank A. Seiberling

NAME: Frank A. Seiberling

BORN: 1859

COMMUNITY AFFILIATIONS: Western Star, Ohio (Summit County)

EDUCATION: attended, Heidelberg College, Tiffin, Ohio

OCCUPATION: industrialist, philanthropist

DIED: 1955


Seiberling founded the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in 1898. He resigned from Goodyear in 1921 and started up the Seiberling Rubber Company.

He was known for his dedication to the health and safety of his employees. He introduced a number of innovative designs and principles to improve the work environment. And he also invented the tire making machine and the detachable wheel rim.

Seiberling built Stan Hywet Hall, one of the largest private residences in the state, which still stands and is a nonprofit foundation, museum, and National Historic Landmark in Akron, Ohio.