Name: Shannon

BORN: February 24, 1802


born...Mount Olivet, Ohio (Belmont County)
lived for a time...Cincinnati, Ohio (Hamilton County) lived for a time...St. Clairsville, Ohio (Belmont County)


attended, Ohio University, Athens County
attended, Franklin College, New Athens, Ohio
attended, Transylvania College, Lexington, Kentucky

GOVERNORSHIP: 14th and 16th governor, 1838 - 1840; 1842 - 1844 (two terms)

DIED: August 30, 1877


Shannon was a lawyer by training.

Shannon was the first governor born in Ohio.

Shannon completed his law education in Belmont County under David Jennings and Charles Hammond. He was admitted to the bar in 1830.

One of the most important issues of his administration was banking and currency. The Bank Commissioner Act was passed into law in February 1839.

Shannon resigned from office in 1844 to accept a presidential appointment as minister to Mexico.

As war with Mexico loomed he was recalled and returned to Ohio for a time, practicing law in Cincinnati and St. Clairsville.

Shannon led a band of gold prospectors to California in 1849. He was seperated from his family for two years. After returning to Ohio, he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, serving one term, 1853 - 1855.

President Pierce appointed Shannon governor of the Kansas territory in 1855 where he became politically involved with the slavery conflict. He was removed from that office in 1856.


NAME: Sarah Obsun Shannon


COMMUNITY AFFILIATIONS: born...Cadiz, Ohio (Harrison County)

DIED: January 5, 1881, age 65


Sarah Shannon was the youngest First Lady of Ohio. 
She was 23 years old when her husband 
was elected to his first term.