Phoebe Anne Oakley Moses

NAME: Phoebe Anne Oakley Moses

BORN: August 13, 1860


Jacob Moses and Susan Moses


Darke County, Ohio
(not far from Greenville)

OCCUPATION: sharpshooter, entertainer

DIED: November 3, 1926 (Greenville, Ohio)


As a youngster, Oakley learned to shoot in the woods of Darke County. During hard times, she helped support her family with the game she caught.

Her career as a sharpshooter started at age 17 when she defeated the noted marksman, Frank E. Butler at a competition in Cincinnati, Ohio. The two eventually married and travel with the Buffalo Bill Show for 17 years (1885 - 1902). Oakley performed throughout the United States and Europe.

She captivated the royalty of Europe. Queen Victoria was quite impressed with her. And on one famous occasion the crown prince of Germany encouraged her to shoot a cigarette from his mouth.

At 30 paces, she could slice a playing card held edgewise. She could shoot holes through coins at a smiliar distance. It was even said she could "scramble eggs in midair."

At the height of her career, she was one of the most famous cultural icons in the United States. A railroad accident in 1901 partially paralyzed her, but she continued to tour regularly until her death.