The Prophet

NAME: The Prophet ...or Tenskwatawa (given name, Lauliwasikau)

BORN: (March?) 17, 1778

COMMUNITY AFFILIATIONS: Old Piqua, (Greene County)

OCCUPATION: Shawnee Leader


Lauliwasikau was Tecumseh's younger brother. His father, Pucksinwa, a respected chief, was killed at the Battle of Point Pleasant in 1774.

Around 1805, Lauliwasikau had a vision encouraging him to reject the cultural influences of whites. From this point on, he became known as Tenskwatawa, or the Prophet. He began sharing his vision with others. He assisted tecumseh in uniting various tribes against U.S. expansion.

On November 7, 1811, Tenskwatawa and his followers were defeated at the Battle at Tippecanoe. Tecumseh had warned his brother to avoid conflict until the their forces were strong and united, but to no avail. The confederation of tribes started to fall apart after this defeat, and Tenskwatawa soon lost his influence.

He lived in Canada for a time, moving on to Missouri and then Kansas.

The Shawnee peoples were forced to relocate west of the Mississippi River in 1827.