Charles Franklin Kettering

NAME: Charles Franklin Kettering

BORN: August 29, 1876


born...Loudenville, Ohio (Ashland County)


graduated, Ohio State University, 1904

OCCUPATION: inventor, electrical engineer

DIED: November 25, 1958


Schooled as an engineer, Kettering found employment with the National Cash Register Company.

In 1909, he and Edward Deeds founded the Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company (Delco). With Delco, Kettering invented a number of significant engine devices.

Delco was often refered to as the company that brought automobiles into the age of electricity.

The company was sold to General Motors in 1916. He worked with GM until his retirement in 1947.

Kettering held over 140 patents.

CURIOUS FACT: Kettering's home in Dayton, Ridgeleigh Terrace, was the first air conditioned home in America.